Restore True Balance to Your Life!

Embrace Your Power and Purpose!

Awaken Your Passions and Heart’s Desires!

Let Go of the Past and any Limiting Beliefs not in Alignment with your TRUTH!


Reclaim the REAL You!

Do you have Core Heart Wounds and struggles you can’t seem to transcend?

Do You feel disconnected from the Power and Love of your Divinity ~ Your TRUE HEART?

Are feeling overwhelmed and directionless in life?

Does your life lack balance and happiness leaving you emotionally unfulfilled?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then you’re in the right spot!

My name is Marie Georgopulos and I am an intuitive counselor, healer, teacher and spiritual mentor.  I was in your shoes around 20 years ago suffering from chronic illness, perfectionism and the need to control everyone and everything. I was angry all the time and hiding the sexual and emotional abuse I experienced as a child.  READ MORE ABOUT MARIE

I was seeking for anything that would soothe me and help me to cope with my chronic issues but nothing seemed to be working. I KNEW that something had to change!

All along something was pulling me to a greater TRUTH inside myself…

Something bigger than myself…

Something grander than I could imagine!

As I started to go deeper into my healing, one synchronicity led to another and before I knew it, I was on an incredible, purposeful journey into the HEART of WHO I AM, WHY I WAS HERE and THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL.

It was a path of healing, of miracles, of self mastery and of exploration of the power of LOVE and UNIVERSAL TRUTHS. My Soul was there with me every step of the way, leading me to embrace the core of who I am and to the truth about healing.

  • If you are ready to Let Go of the Past and Embrace your TRUE HEART ~ Your Authentic Healed Self…
  • If you are wanting to Restore Balance in your life and understand how to maintain this…
  • If your are ready to Access Higher Wisdom and the Power of Unconditional Love and Acceptance…
  • If you desire to claim and live your Soul’s Power and Purpose
  • If you are ready to Awaken your Passions and Heart’s Desires
  • And Let Go of Core Heart Wounds and Lessons

Then all you have to do is make the commitment to transform your heart…one step at a time.

Your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides KNOW how to assist you in your healing and spiritual growth. And they are always lovingly available to help you. However, when you are in the middle of your struggles, accessing Eternal Wisdom is difficult. That’s where I can help.

I invite you to embark upon a transformational healing journey into your TRUE HEART ~ Your Soul’s Wisdom and TRUTH.  This journey will lead you down the road of self mastery toward:

  • Healing core relationship issues with self, others and Spirit
  • Embracing your Core Essence of Being for this lifetime
  • Awakening your Soul Gifts and Talents
  • Understanding your Personal and Universal Heart Lessons
  • And Much, Much More!

It is my sacred promise to you to always do my best to assist you with the utmost integrity. It’s my purpose to assist others to catalyze change in their lives in the most Divinely Inspired Ways. These ways are ALWAYS the fastest and easiest ways.

If you are willing to show up for yourself, your Heart will too!

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Many Blessings!


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About Marie:

Marie is a intuitive counselor, healer, teacher and spiritual mentor dedicated to assisting metaphysically minded women in releasing core heart lessons and wounds so they can live an empowered, soulful life.

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