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Are you looking to connect deeper into the Heart of Who You Are?

Are you experiencing stress in your life and wanting to start a meditation practice but just don’t know how?

Are you ready to heal what’s blocking you from the life you desire? 

Then this meditation guide can be a really good first step into transforming your life into one filled with abundance, love and joy. 

Below you will find information about this instructional guide to meditation for the purpose of transformation.  I wish you all the best in your journey inward and know that this guide will assist you with your questions about meditation.

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This meditation guide is designed to assist you in the art of meditation with a purpose.  All meditation is beneficial but meditation with intent and purpose has even more profound effects on the human psyche. In this guide I will share with you some of the benefits of meditation  and the science behind it, as well as the deeper gifts that can come from meditation. This book will also assist you in overcoming any obstacles you may have in the meditation process as well as share with you many meditation resources that I have tried myself or come highly recommended.

Ultimately this meditation guide is designed to help you to understand meditation, overcome the obstacles to meditation and lead you in a transformational journey that will open you to the fertile resources of your Higher Being and intuition.

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