Healing Decree: I AM Prosperity

This healing decree or invocation is one of many that I purchased from Patricia Cota-Robles and the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose to use for myself and to share with groups and my clients. It’s Patricia’s wish that we co-create humanity’s new way of BEING through acting as divine agents of light in whatever ways that we can. This is one way that we can begin to claim prosperity on all levels for our self.

What I’ve come to realize in my life is that healing happens in many ways but it always starts with claiming what we need, want and desire for the benefit of our self and others. I truly believe that prosperity starts in the heart not only by way of living a heart centered life but vibrationally as well. It is no accident that the heart is the first organ to be created in the womb. It is divinely intelligent and holds the keys to our prosperity.

I recommend that you take about 10 breaths focusing on your heart before reading this decree and ask for the healing from your I AM presence that will lead you to embody it more fully and in a way that is graceful and easy. Read this as often as you like. Copy and post it on your refrigerator or by your night stand. It is something to be “remembered” as well as embodied so ask for divine “rememberence” as well.

  1. I let go of the misconception that anyone or anything can withhold from me all that this abundant Universe has for me now.
  2. Since I AM One with all Life in this Universe, I share in God’s infinite supply of all good things.
  3. I AM the Open Door for all kinds of riches to flow to me now.
  4. I AM an irresistible magnet with the power to draw to myself the supply of all good things according to the thoughts, feelings and mental pictures I continually hold in my consciousness.
  5. I realize that I AM responsible for my life situation, and I have the power to create whatever I wish in my life. As of this moment, I choose to create for myself a life of health, success, happiness, peace and prosperity.
  6. I know that this Universe is filled with perfect abundance, and I accept these riches into my life now. I choose lavish abundance for myself and for all humanity.
  7. I know all of my needs are being perfectly met at all times.
  8. Rapid changes come in all aspects of my life as I open my mind to the infinite resources of this Universe.
  9. All of my financial affairs are in perfect order now.
  10. I love doing my work, and I AM richly rewarded, both creatively and financially.
  11. I give love, my gifts, my all and I AM therefore prosperous, well and happy now.


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