Heal and Awaken to Your Truest Self !

Heal the Blocks and Core Wounds that Keep You From…

Embracing Your Self Love and Self Worth
Living an Empowered and Purposeful Life
Restoring True Balance in Your Life
Claiming Your Spiritual Gifts
Enjoying a Happy, Fulfilling and Abundant Life
Consistently Accessing Inner Wisdom

If you are a metaphysically and spiritually-minded woman serving others with intuitive or therapeutic gifts—or would like to be….

OR maybe you are a Spiritual Seeker and you want to step into a higher degree of self mastery, self love and connection to Higher Awareness,

BUT you are still struggling with Core Heart lessons that seem to have endless layers to them and want to finally move on and embrace the totality of who you are.

Then I invite you to embark upon an Evolutionary Healing and Self Mastery Journey with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and me that will awaken you to the Brilliancy That is You!

If you are struggling with any of these core issues:

  • Lack of Trust in your purpose in life and connection to inner Wisdom
  • A sense of overwhelm or a feeling like you are treading water
  • Lack of focus and clarity in who you really are that leaves you feeling directionless
  • Poor relationships with yourself & others
  • An unclear or inconsistent connection to your Higher Self and/or Spirit Guides
  • Lack of self-confidence that STOPS you from making clear decisions
  • Feeling that you’re emotions are in control of you lately
  • A lack of physical health
  • Not loving yourself completely or a feeling of being incomplete somehow, like something is missing from you
  • OR, anything that makes you feel less than Happy, Whole and Wise

Then, I’d like you to realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you are LOVED BEYOND MEASURE!  You do not have to do this alone. All of the great teachers, mystics, healers and spiritual gurus have mentors and teachers of their own. 

Self Mastery and healing are not about “getting there” but an evolution and embracing of who YOU TRULY ARE.

It doesn’t matter where you are at in your spiritual development or healing  process, we are all here to live in alignment with our Source Self and that is an unfolding. As long as we are here we will continue to desire for more and our Heart’s will continue to call us to our ever-expanded versions of ourselves.

But what happens if you feel like you’ve landed in a pool not knowing how to swim and you’re getting really tired!

What happens when you are “blocked” to the inspiration that will assist you in accessing how to swim or better yet, just float downstream.

You see your Soul is always beckoning you to the version of you that you truly desire to BE. However, people tend to have blind spots because we are stuck in habitual patterns of being that no longer serve us.

And if you grew up in an environment where DYSFUNCTION reigned like me, you probably have core wounds that are buried in your subconscious pathways. These limiting beliefs and fears that are buried in your cells and bodies (we have other bodies besides our physical one) can cause obstacles to the healing and unfolding process.

BUT KNOW…Everything is Perfect, Whole and Complete AND you are right where your SOUL wants you to be!

My Soul Awakenings Program is an Evolutionary Healing and Self Mastery Program designed to give you a deep & integral space to transform core wounds, overcome core lessons and enhance the overall quality of your life, while working towards soul-alignment and the embracing of Universal and Personal Truths.

To me, it is essential to have transformational healing at the core of your enlightenment and awakening process, especially if you are a woman who has suffered from a traumatic childhood, or carries dysfunctional patterns related to verbal, physical, or sexual abuse like I did. This sort of experience can often lead to parts of our self feeling lost or confused. Some of them may even be hidden but basically they just have to be re-integrated back into the whole in a positive way. 

The transformational healing techniques that I use assist you in releasing the hidden sources of emotional pain that continue to create “blocks” in your forward movement, will help you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. The healing techniques and spiritual practices shared with you will assist you in unlocking the doors to creativity & abundance, which come through integration of lost aspects of your soul.

 Soul Awakenings Program

An Evolutionary Healing and Self Mastery Journey
(6 Months Commitment)

This Program can assist you with:

  • Healing around Core Issues and wounds that leave you feeling incomplete, unloved or anything less than divine
  • Evolving of the lower consciousness so you can integrate parts of yourself that are hidden or lost
  • Understanding and transcending personal and universal soul lessons
  • Restoring true balance to your life and energy
  • Clarity on your unique path or purpose and what is holding you back from claiming your power in it
  • Understanding around your Soul gifts and talents and healing any subconscious beliefs stopping you from embracing them more fully
  • Spiritually Inspired actions you need to take in your life to overcome issues you are struggle with
  • Healing around your connection to your Inner Wisdom and authentic self
  • Clearing of limiting beliefs and emotional pain in your mental, emotional and physical bodies
  • Understanding on how to access higher states of consciousness, increase your frequency & ability to attract your heart’s desires
  • Embracing unconditional love for self and others

Remember that with any healing or self mastery program, the transformation lies in your hands. I am merely the facilitator of the awakening and enrichment process.  Commitment to self is vital in the transformation process, that’s why I ask for a commitment from you over a period of time.What you get out of this program is based upon your level of commitment, intents and where you are at in your spiritual development and healing process.


My name is Suzanne Smith and I worked with Marie for three months…which was very healing for me. Marie helped me raise my awareness to blocks I had allowed myself to get stuck in. She helped me remove the physical, emotional and spiritual clutter I had accumulated in my life. And she helped me clear a path spiritual transformation. One that enables me to align knowingly with my life’s purpose and teaching me to recognize that vibration of alignment which is empowering, joyful and supportive. I feel very grateful that Marie has shared her beautiful healing gifts with me and I am comforted in knowing that she is following her sacred journey by being in service to us.
~Suzanne Smith

Being committed to a healing program sets you up for success. You dedicate time to yourself to heal and grow. Marie facilitates your journey tapping into your true desires using her intuition and divine guidance. I really enjoyed the energetic healing over the phone. I needed this to further support and heal my body. It was fun to connect to my archetypes and it was very powerful for me to understand their strengths and how to integrate that into my life. I also gained further insight into my natural tendencies and potential downfalls. This gave me a deeper understanding of myself. I was really able to let go of the resistance to many things in my life, see my relationships transform, and tap into my divine intuition.
Thanks Maire for helping me transform my life.
~ Jean from Houston TX

If you are ready to take it up a notch in your healing and spiritual development, you are committed to showing up for yourself and truly want to change, then I would love to work with you and share my Soul’s Healing and Transformational Wisdom with you.

What else you will receive with this Program:

  • 12 ~ 60 minute sessions by Skype or teleconference (2 per month is recommended)
  • Email or phone access to me for difficult times when you need a little extra assistance
  • Recordings of all of your sessions
  • Soul Awakenings Core Clarity Assessment- This assessment is designed to assist you in getting clear on what is going on in your life, what you truly want and some core qualities of self that will assist you to “Flow” better in the world and stand true to your Eternal Nature.
  • BONUS Akashic Record Journey: Healing Your Inner Child MP3:  This recording will assist you in taking a journey into your Soul’s records through a guided meditation to work with one of your Divine Aspects of Self…Your Inner Child.
  • BONUS Soul Guidance Meditation – This meditation is designed to assist you in accessing your Soul’s Wisdom so you can begin to transcend your life’s struggles on your own.
  • BONUSProsperous Heart Toolkit-contains The Four Pillars of Prosperity Workbook and my Prosperous Heart Meditation for accessing your power, soul purpose and higher consciousness for prosperous living.

If you are ready to understand and embrace what your Soul desires for you…

Book a Complimentary Heart Transformations Breakthrough Consult today!



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Since I encountered Marie at an Metaphysical EXPO and began a series of healing sessions, my life direction is taking a rapid change for the better and I am clearing past issues and improving my clarity which allows me to expand my wings and begin soaring like an eagle. I have experienced more happiness, more intuition, and have an expanded viewpoint of life. Marie’s 6-month programs has made it possible for me to begin to know who I am, what I want and what I want to heal to become a better me. Marie is very intuitive and able to summon Spiritual Guides and Angels to help in my transition and gain insight. I highly recommend the Marie’s 6 Month Program to help you improve your life.
~Gayla Hamilton

The depth of Marie’s healing was immediately palpable for me. After our very first session, I received crystal clarity for my next steps and felt a definite shift from her healing. Each time after that has been even deeper healing and even more clarity. The level of her sincerity, intuitive gifts and heart felt attention is rare and I’m honored to be in her program.

~Josephine A.