Healing Through the Soul’s Records

Presented by Marie Georgopulos and Teresa Maron

Do you feel stuck in the same old lack stories…

  • Lack of self love and loving relationships… 
  • Lack of financial prosperity…
  • Lack of personal power…
  • Lack of connection to your inner guidance…
  • Lack of purpose etc?

Is your Drama Magnet out of control in your life leaving you confused, unfocused and directionless?

Or, are you finding yourself in the same old self-sabotaging patterns over and over again?

Then Marie Georgopulos and Teresa Maron invite you to join them in a journey of healing that will take you into the depths of who you are at a Soul level that will aid you in transforming your life into a more authentically, prosperous one.

Did you know that we are born knowing true prosperity but in most cases, we are innately programmed toward self-sabotage?

What we hold in our subconscious mind has more influence over our ways of being than what we think. True prosperity is a state of thriving not just materialistically or physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. From the time we are born to about the age of 7 we are huge sponges absorbing information from our environment, parents, teachers, siblings etc. Our conscious mind doesn’t actually develop until after the age of 7.

In fact, about 99% of what we experience on a daily basis goes into our subconscious mind for cataloging.

In order to thrive in life we have to first be willing to change and to heal what is in the way. What is in the way is typically held in the conscious and subconscious mind and basically is just energy. This energy is held in the form of a belief and the emotions behind the belief that was either learned in this lifetime or through other lifetimes.

We hold the keys within our hearts to access the inner wisdom of our Soul but we also hold in our hearts the worries, the traumas, the frustrations, resentments, shame etc that hold us back. These energies can keep us from accessing this information.

This is where Akashic Record Healing can come in handy.

All of your Soul’s experiences, beliefs and emotions are held in your Akashic Record. As trained professionals in Akashic Record reading and healing, Teresa and Marie can assist you in moving past your self-sabotaging patterns and lead you into embracing true prosperity. Akashic Record Healing can act as a catalyst for change and often times feels like a load is lifted and the slate is cleaned.

In this 5-Week Virtual Healing Course, Teresa and Marie will be assisting you in accessing your Soul’s records to do healing work around core issues connected to:

  • Lack of self worth and self control
  • Limited mindsets and behaviors around money
  • An inability to connect to your inner wisdom
  • Self love and/or self acceptance issues
  • An inability to focus in life and make clear decisions
  • Relationship baggage
  • Lack of purpose in life…

AND the great thing is that you get to do this in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace if you choose!

Here’s what Marie and Teresa will be going over week by week:

  • Week 1: Restoring Personal Power—Their focus here will be on healing self worth, self love, self acceptance and self control issues as well as an inability to make clear decisions in your life. Your personal power level is a reflection or your will and clear knowing. Doing healing work here will help you to overcome being a victim in any way.
  • Week 2: Healing Your Relationship Stories—Their focus here will be healing the stories around relationships with others which includes your family, life partners, friends, business partners etc. They will teach you some invaluable relationship building skills that will help you to manifest better relationships.
  • Week 3: Healing Your Money Stories—here they will focus on issues relating to accepting material wealth and prosperity and reframing what money is. To fully thrive in life we need money but how we relate to it and accept it in our lives is mostly subconscious. Knowing the conscious reframes and doing the healing work will put you into a higher state of allowing material prosperity in your life.
  • Week 4: Healing Blocks to Your Intuition—here we will focus on fears around opening to higher degrees of intuition, how to discern through it and even share with you some intuitive practices.
  • Week 5: Embracing Your Soul Purpose—this week is all about how to discern through your life purpose, live it successfully and heal any “blocks” to it.

And remember you can do this program on your own schedule!!!

The cost of this series to you is only $297

You will know in your heart if you are ready to go this deep, surrender to the process and really show up for yourself. I know from my own experience that healing is NOT about a quick fix and you’re off. Believe me miracles do happen in this work but most of the time we are not emotionally tied to the outcome. To us healing is about self-mastery and new ways of being with the energy work as way to supplement the new skill sets and awareness.

This is why your program will include introspective work in the form of a downloadable workbook that you can go through at your own pace.

We are committed to taking you into a journey with your soul that will be life changing only if you are willing to show up doing the work. The ability to change your life circumstances is in your hands. If you feel it is your time, then don’t wait.

It is Marie’s and Teresa’s passion to give back to their community in this divine way and to hold the space for each of you to Restore True Prosperity in your hearts and in your minds. We wish you all the best in life and KNOW in every fiber of our being that you DESERVE to have all that you need, want and desire in life!

All you have to do is say YES and make your payments here:

Full Payment: $297


With Love and Gratitude,
Marie Georgopulos

Teresa Maron

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marie or Teresa directly: